Why Learn to Do Your Own Bookkeeping?

journal-wpWouldn’t it just be a lot easier to continue handing over your box of receipts to your accountant like you’ve been doing for years?   Nowadays, with accounting software like QuickBooks, you can actually keep a decent set of books that will enable you to finally understand your financial situation at any given time.

Whenever I start training a new client, I ensure that they understand the merits of keeping their own books.  At first it might seem a little daunting to have to input all the transactions and to keep track of all your documents but, once you begin to successfully  balance your books, you’ll realize how essential this process is to the success of your business.

When I started bookkeeping at a very young age, all the record keeping was done by hand and took so much longer to complete. Now, even if you have no accounting background, QuickBooks software practically allows you to do the majority of the bookkeeping on your own.  However, there are a few steps that you’ll have to learn, like how to reconcile your bank account, enter payroll, generate reports, create journal entries and more.

When you’re ready to finally take control of your business, please contact me and we’ll set up a phone appointment to discuss how we can get started.